Boedi Widjaja
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house home homeland

Presented by the Global (De)Centre and facilitated by Dr. Peggy Levitt, Widjaja speaks on house home homeland through the lens of his practice. Transcript

9 Nov 2022. An online artist talk presented by the Global (De)Centre and facilitated by Dr. Peggy Levitt.

Widjaja shared, among other projects, works from his series Path. (2012 - ) and DNA trilogy A Tree+++ (2019 - ). The talk was followed by a conversation with the artist, facilitated by Dr. Peggy Levitt of Wellesley College. Path. speaks to migratory notions of distance, embodiment and isolation, and Widjaja’s recent projects in the series engage with the invisible cosmic ray particles muons as material towards outcomes of experimental photography and performance for the camera. In A Tree+++, Widjaja collaborated with geneticist Assoc Prof Eric Yap of NTU School of Medicine, to synthesise a chimeric DNA of person plant and poetry. The intermedia project scans his grandfather’s and his parallel diasporic journeys towards a sensing of the bio-molecular to the metaphysical.

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