Boedi Widjaja

A Tree+++ 记因基忆

The trilogy scans the artist and his grandfather’s separate diasporic journeys towards a sensing of the bio-molecular to the meta-physical. The methods involve transforming modalities of the human genetic code to audio-visuals; and mapping across civilisations’ myths and ancient scripts.

A Tree+++ 记因・基亿
2021-22. The trilogy premiered at Future Ages Will Wonder curated by Annie Jael Kwan as part of FACT Liverpool's Radical Ancestry program.
Part I
A tree talks, a tree walks 梧桐语・菩提径
Part II
A tree rings, a tree sings 树龄°述铃
Part III
A tree leaves, a tree heaves 遥

2019. Commissioned by the Temenggong Artists-in-Residence, Singapore for Longings, 寄望, jiwa curated by Yueh-Siang Chang; and supported by the National Museum of Singapore. In consultation with geneticist Assoc. Prof Dr. Eric Yap, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine.

2021. Commissioned by The Institutum for Open to Interpretation, conceived by Boon Hui Tan, co-presented with Gasworks, London, and supported by the National Arts Council Singapore and the NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore Residencies program.

2021. Like Part 1, Part III is made up of multiple works, and its first, Book of genealogy, is commissioned by FACT Liverpool for Future Ages Will Wonder curated by Annie J. Kwan.

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