Boedi Widjaja

A Tree+++ 记因 。基忆

2021-22. Future Ages Will Wonder curated by Annie Jael Kwan, FACT Liverpool. Supported by the National Arts Council (Singapore).

For his multisite trilogy of artworks, Boedi Widjaja encodes his synthetic and hybridised DNA as a linguistic source, along with ancient and original texts and cultural almanacs to create visual poetry and placemarkers that consider the impossibilities of language after the ruptures of personal histories, as experienced by the artist’s migrations from China to Indonesia and Singapore. Widjaja uses science and technology to extract and embed his DNA into the physical artworks, reclaiming space and land for his voice, work and identity to exist.

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DNA and Ancestral Memories 記因・基憶
Assoc Prof Eric Yap and Boedi Widjaja; moderated by Tang Fu Kuen

BIO:ART SEA:T (Southeast Asia Taiwan) . 24 July 2021

Gaining Ground: Yarli Allison & Boedi Widjaja
Yarli Allison and Boedi Widjaja; moderated by Annie J Kwan

FACT Liverpool. 9 Dec 2021

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