Boedi Widjaja
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2016. Solo exhibition at Earl Lu Gallery, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, LASALLE College of the Arts. Singapore Biennale Affiliate Project.

"The installation is most simply described as one space superimposed upon another. The artist introduces four new walls that intersect the Earl Lu Gallery, appearing to slip in and out of its existing perimeter. This new rectangle is not uniform along its length. As a spatial enclosure, it varies from skeletal metal framing to a solid surface coated in dark concrete render. Widjaja’s four walls counter the free-form geometry of the existing gallery plan—which he finds ‘disorienting’ and ‘insubstantial’—with a sober, rectilinear form. The position of the hut is carefully rationalized, distributed around a notional centre point that is equidistant from three existing columns. At this centre point is a parabolic speaker, which plays a sound piece created for the work. — Excerpt from exhibition catalogue essay 'Skin Deep' by Joshua Comaroff.

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performingborders interview
Alessandra Cianetti and Boedi Widjaja

performingborders . 14 May 2019

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