Boedi Widjaja
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Path. 1, The White City

2012. Solo exhibition at The Substation, Singapore curated by Zarina Muhammad. Visual Arts Open Call Commission.

The opening episode of Path. uses the artist’s live presence; the act of drawing; the transformative potential of travelling; the corporeality of space; and the flow of time, to map and illuminate the artist’s journey. The work was triggered by the artist’s change of citizenship during a time of charged national conversation on the rights of immigrants in Singapore, his newly adopted country. It took place in the form of live art sessions, as well as an ongoing exhibition of the live art’s corollary-in-progress. The audience was invited to draw together with the artist, throwing rubber balls coated with graphite powder at the paper-lined walls of the gallery. Meanwhile, dodging flying projectiles, the artist recorded his audience’s lines of motion. This communal act of drawing enabled conversation between artist and audience on rootedness, home, and identity.

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