Boedi Widjaja
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Path. 5, Silent Conversation with a Friend

2014. Part of solo exhibition Drawing Cage at The U Factory, Gillman Barracks, Singapore.

The making of Path. 5, Silent conversation with a friend took place in more than 20 public spaces in Singapore, such as cafes, libraries and void decks. The artist used drawing as a method to connect and to (re)create, with 12 friends and to the 13 places in Singapore that he had at one time resided in. The work speaks of time spaces found in friendships and of their transformative potential. Widjaja met with his friends separately – through Skype for those who are based overseas – and invited them to draw a 1cm line in 4’33’’. On his own, the artist travelled to the 13 neighbourhoods that he had once lived in and by walking/running in each, videographed time space in the city.

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