Boedi Widjaja
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Path. 6, Unpacking my library。书城

2014. Solo exhibition at Jendela (Visual Arts Space), The Esplanade, Singapore.

The first part of the exhibition title is drawn from Walter Benjamin’s essay of the same name. Benjamin wrote in praise of collectors’ adoration of books. Bookending the title is 书城, Chinese for “City of Books”, and also the nickname of Bras Basah Complex in Singapore. The exhibition is a result of Widjaja’s reconsideration of his personal library through the gaze of Benjamin’s “collector”. Every book contains more than one story – that of the authored text written on its pages, and those embedded within the personal memories triggered by the book… memories of the whiff of freshly-printed books, the familiar grounds of a beloved bookstore, or, for the artist, the memory of childhood visits to the “City of Books” with his father.

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