Boedi Widjaja
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Path. 7, New Ground

2015. Commissioned for live art festival From East to the Barbican for the Barbican's Interfaces program. Curated by Something Human. Supported by Town Hall Hotel and the Singapore International Foundation.

Widjaja navigated through London's streets and locales–densely sedimented with migration, settlement and belonging–pulling a sack of lump chalk and a giant balloon. The durational walk was punctuated with multiple unpacking and repacking of the chalk, an embodiment of the migrant's burden of motherland. The tug of the floating balloon, amplified in the city's wind tunnels, had a continuous yet unpredictable destabilising effect on the artist. It is akin to the resistance that the artist experiences in rooting himself in his new home. The work culminated with a performance at the Barbican's fountain foyer.

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