Boedi Widjaja
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Rivers and Lakes Tanah dan Air

2018-19. Solo exhibition at ShanghART Singapore. Supported by the National Arts Council. Singapore Art Week program.

ShanghART Singapore is pleased to present the gallery’s first solo exhibition by Boedi Widjaja, featuring new and existing works from his Stone Telling (2011 -  ) and Imaginary Homeland (2015 -  ) series. The presentation highlights Widjaja’s practice of tracing, mark-making, drawing and writing as interlaced, conceptual processes; as well as his extended research into the image negative.. The Stone Telling series looks at geological material transposed as marks—the artist’s proto-writing of land, water and time. Since his first encounter with the red stones of the historic Fort Canning Hill, Singapore, Widjaja has continued to incorporate geological material from international sites in his practice. In his latest Stone Telling works, however, the material stone is absented from the process. Instead, through frottage, the artist migrates graphite from transfer sheets onto paper, and simultaneously makes a positive image and its negative. The rubbing, pressing movement invariably records traces of the physical process as the artist’s fingerprints are imprinted on the work.

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Displaced Trees: A Conversation with Boedi Widjaja
Christina J. Chua and Boedi Widjaja

SO-FAR . 8 June 2021

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